Milk Junkies Episode 2


Been awhile, eh? & boy, you guys never let up on this Blog even though it’s been almost a year. Well let’s try it again. Here’s episode 2 of Milk Junkies:

I wont usually have 2 videos up at one time, but for the time being you can also catch episode 1 here:

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49 Comments on “Milk Junkies Episode 2”

  1. lestia01 Says:

    i cant get it 2 play…….. wat can i do? i really wanna watcvh it !!

  2. Random Person Says:

    Wow thx I’ve been w8ing a long time to see this!

  3. Josh Says:

    number 2 was way better than number 1 when are you going to put up number 3???

  4. Freddy (Chimeratech732) Says:

    God finally you got it up. Thanks so much

  5. lestia01 Says:

    i got 2 watch and i love.. who thinks that gut rfancies the younger sister more? u saw tham have threesome and he fucked the little un in park yet not sure if he fucked alder one again..u only c him play with her boobs….. lol plz post ep 3 soon !

  6. asiol Says:

    how i gonna watch it

  7. hentai lover Says:

    hey why dont u add super sexy andiod,sex warrior pudding,sexfreind,sex exchange,

  8. I NEED THREE NOW!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    can u uplode more plzzz

  10. errol Says:

    wer can i watch episode 3

  11. Chicken Llefft Says:

    Suprisingly, I actually like 1 better for some reason…I dunno. This one’s also really good, though.

  12. anonymous3 Says:

    i cant get to see it. it doesnt play i need help =(

  13. cummonkey Says:

    I wanna see number 1 again!!

  14. FUCKherInThepussy Says:

    get 3 and 4 soon

  15. jhkhj Says:

    y wont the episode 2 not work???!!

  16. Kuronin Says:

    i like big boobs and all, but i dont like cencored stuff, so how bout some uncencerds stuff? and cand you find us some rare evangelion hentai vids? and yuri? lots of yuri…

  17. T~H~I~E~F Says:

    bravo, bravo!

  18. adalberto Says:

    ya i like huge boob too and all , please put more episode plzzzz!!!!…

  19. ... Says:

    why wont it work???i tryed episode 1 also it didnt work either please i really want to see it please!!!!!

  20. moremilkjunkies Says:

    err is there more episode toward this?

  21. shibenk Says:

    i can`t watch number it says that i`m not authorized on this page jezz

  22. shibenk Says:

    for coment above of this comment it meant episode number 1

  23. king Says:

    I love the anime sex

  24. fsgjligd Says:

    when will 3 be up

  25. john Says:

    I get something else whenever i click on it?

  26. alfkocli Says:

    I can’t see the new episode… I don’t know why…

    Can someone help me?

  27. bribricutie Says:

    man can some one try and send it to me?

  28. Steve the Egg Says:

    Moetan..? What the Hell is that?! Come on man, put up something worth watching like Milk Junkies 3!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    how could you play this thing??

  30. king Says:

    i wont milk ep1 download

  31. anonymous Says:

    help i cant play this video ! i need help ! i need this video !

  32. moo Says:

    its nit playing

  33. jaime Says:

    yea, how can i play this think?

  34. Adeeb Jaber Says:

    I still can not watch this 2. Why?

  35. T_T Says:

    JEZZZ it wont play plsss someone send me this video ny email

  36. Anonymous Says:

    can someone send me this video as well? im kinda desperate… ive been looking for this anime for a VERY long time now… help please

  37. =D Says:

    wtf?????……smething called “moetan” comes up when ever i try to view Milk Junkies…..smeone help me….plz

    i wanna watch sooo badly

  38. Neapster Says:

    look, there find you episode 11 ;-/)
    (oh, I’M; so horny)

  39. Unknown Says:

    It won’t play! How can I get it to play? All is says is Moetan!

  40. hentai man Says:

    dude you should totally put up 3 i want to see it

  41. gerald Says:

    so nice.when they fuck it so chilling ah!!!!!i love it so nice,the drawing so good.

  42. Mike Says:

    plz send these episode to thx

  43. nithin Says:

    pls send this episode to my id

  44. dude Says:

    hey for some reason after i press the link and i press play it doesnt work

    could someone send it to my email or tell me how to fix the prblem?

    my email’s “”

  45. hentai lover Says:

    it wont work…geez i want to watch so bad

  46. test blast Says:

    test blast test blasts

  47. Anonymous Says:

    astig neto

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